Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Just going to ramble

I didn't update for like 2 days well one since this is late night. My life hasn't taken an interesting route or anything. It's been pretty dull tbh. I've spent most of it in bed on my laptop (cos I is lazy) or lounging in my pjs. I haven't been that lazy though. I do change my pjs and get a shower twice a day. I'm not that lazy lol. Eating just isn't happening atm either. Kind of annoying but quite interesting too ;) I'm rarely ill so I'm going with it atm. Feel like hitting the gym semi-hard tomorrow so I shall go :) Ugh if my iPod decides to be a randomer again I am going to... well I can't hurt it. I'd die without it. Bit of drama on Facebook of a sort though. My friend of a sort that is Caitlin. Actually I don't care for her much... but anyway she's engaged. She's 3 months older than me, living on the same street as all her family and no job. She flunked college saying she'll start again in September. Her fiance I know. I don't really like him. They are neither 'hot' but so young. Even though we don't really talk anymore and are completely different (well in my case) than before last August when stopped in a sort being friends, I feel like she is throwing her life away. Ugh I hate caring about people so much. They can be total twats but there is always something there that makes me care. They want a kid. I want her to live her life. She doesn't really care about my opinion since she didn't tell me. It came up on Top News on Facebook. Sigh what can I do though? Me and Jenny did have a good laugh talking about it though xD Oh the ideas we came up with. It made me think how many people I used to hang around with simpily because she knew them had changed too. Suprisingly all of them bar two. I'm shocked. I understand like because I am not the same as I was nearly a year ago by no standard but I dunno. I expected my bubbly gobby friends haha. But I have new friends. Of a sort. Gah how depressing is growing up? It has to be done though. That being said... I have a wedding to look good for bahaha. Oh gosh lol. Anyhow that's been pretty much life. Apart from the Facebook games, funny chats on PrettyThin and a few compliments on my legs o.O haha. M L xoXox

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  1. Having a lazy day is always a nice break!