Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I'm broken

Like seriously. I don't even know what is up. Ugh I can't stand this cos I'm not too sure what is wrong. Soo Tuesday. It was a pretty bland day tbh. Was kind of feeling the effects from the 2 days drinking. Went to the gym for like 2 hours but the time spent on the treadmill almost murdered me. My stomach did NOT like drinking Lucozade or any liquids for that matter whilst exercising. I was proper panicing whilst getting to the gym and half way into it. I don't know why but seriously I felt proper... I don't know the word but since I weighed myself and have GAINED (bleugh!) weight I can't help it. This is the side of an Eating Disorder people don't get. They see the skinny side of it. They don't see the binging crap and all the self hate and sh*t like that. But enough of that talk. Jeez maybe I depress my own ass o.O I don't think I went online at all yesterday. Maybe I checked Facebook...? I don't know. Wasn't really in the mood for online socializing. Ah fuck it I still aren't. Good day with food and good day with exercise. Just a bad day with life =S M L xoXox

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