Friday, 9 July 2010

I'll Move To Paris, Shoot Some Heroin And Fuck With The Stars

My day swung both ways. One minute good, the rest of it pretty shite. Since this about yesterday (it's nearly 4am) I'll write in that tense. Unless I get confused but you'll get the gist of it. Eventually. I woke up pretty early actually. I was not expecting to but I was awake from like 6am. I did wake up early with all good intentions of going to the gym and then coming back home and relaxing. Maybe even getting online since I have sat down properly at my latop in a while. Wrong! My friend came around whilst I was still in my pjs barely alive and asked me to go to town with her. I had a mumble about it and in the end agreed. So she said she'd come back at like 9am or so. I wasn't happy with that. Seriously she gave me just under 3 hours to dye my hair (which is now a lush looking brown), get a shower, get dressed and then finish my hair and make up etc. I managed it btw. So she eventually rocked to my house around 09:45am. I asked her if she could tell the time. She said her boyfriend took too long getting ready. Boyfriend? Yeah when did he come into this little trip out?? I couldn't help it but I looked him up and down and thought "nahh" not a chance in hell did he take too long getting ready. I mean good looking guy and all but not the type to stand around taking forever to get ready. More like she spent too long trying to tackle that pile of rags on her head. I fail to see where the logic is by having your hair look worse than somebody who lives on the street. But it's "fashionable" apparently. Anyway she and he weirdly enough complimented me when I had locked my door. Oh actually this was after he asked if he could get a glass of water. I told him to get a bottle out of the fridge. She was like "Why do you bother buying water when you have a tap?" Meh it tastes better. I was tempted to ask her why she did her hair every morning to just end up making it look rubbish. But I resisted lol. Back to the compliments cos they made me smile. I settled on wearing baggy jeans and a bench t-shirt, though the jeans I wore are a little loose so you can see the top of my D&G boxers ;) and had a ponytail with fringe pinned back. Gosh very fashion focused isn't it? Anyhow she said I looked beautiful with darker hair :D And he said to my friend "are the rest of your friends as stunning?" I am suprised I got in the elevator with them cos my head felt huge! Haha. But we trailed around for a couple of hours and I got kind of bored. I went to Argos and bought new scales. Woo! Just need to find the courage now to get on them haha. Maybe after the period... But they tell you your body fat too :) I is very happy :D Not sure I will be when I stand on them but I'll leave that until next week hehe. So after a while of going into every shop and getting mightly bored she decided she was going to get her belly button pierced. I thought "Great more sitting around." I had been talking to her boyfriend for like 30 minutes whilst she was waiting to see the guy and then another 15 minutes passed. I thought this ain't right. It only took like 10 minutes or something and I got my tragus done too. In the end she came out and said she wasn't getting it done. I was peed off! I could of done something remotely more interesting than wait for her to chicken out. Grr. Not long after that we went to McDonalds. Yay!! Oh the sarcasm. I got fries and a McFlurry with a regular coke since they had no diet. Grr. They tasted rank! I know it was a new batch of fries but anymore grease and salt on them and I would had a coronary!! I much prefer the other McDonalds to the one we went to. The managers must of been having a meeting or something because they were all seated together going over useless shit whilst eating McD's. How can you work there plus eat it? I know it's cheap but if I worked with food I'd be put off whatever was cooked there. Moving on... He came over and asked me what I thought of the food. My friends boyfriend had just got back from getting another! burger and fries. Jeez. But anyway I was going to lie to him but instead I just offered him a fry. He didn't seem to keen haha and brought me a donut to replace the chips. He said I needed something calorie laden because you could see that writing bit on my boxers since my jeans are loose. Gah people, stop looking at my arse! It is mine for the love of humanity =/ When I left them and got the bus back to mine I ran into David again on the bus. We laughed over the other night and got a coffee from the McDonalds near my house lol. Ironic that I live near so many fast food joints (Subway, KFC, McDonalds, pizza shops, the lot really.) and don't really eat it. Oh and I live near a chinese and fish and chip shop plus Sainsbury, Tesco, Morrison, Asda and another place I don't shop at. Food is dominating my home haha. He asked if I wanted to go to his house for tea so we toddled off there. It wasn't too bad actually. I enjoyed myself for them few hours :) On Sunday we are all getting together again. It's better when there is only a few of us because we all leave our lappys on whilst getting drunk and watching football/movies and vary around what we are doing. It's alright. Better than doing nothing though we get up to some weird shit when we drink. I'm still waiting for my karma to bite me so I need to watch my back. And head. And everything haha. I'm already having a dental nightmare. Need to ring them back since I have the new number. M L xoXox

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