Saturday, 10 July 2010

I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad!

Maybe then I wouldn't be so tired. Seriously I think these years of insomnia are really catching up to me. Though when I go to bed I go for a couple of hours and then am wide awake again. Annoying aye? It's like half 5 and i want to go to bed. I did the same thing yesterday and woke up in the middle of the morning so I am definitely not doing that one. I'll be tired by the time I go and meet my friends for drinking and I can't stand drinking when tired. It's pointless because I end up giving up and going home haha. I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow. Didn't think I would be but I am spending time with some of the best people I know. It's cheesy I know but they are awesome. So that's that. I think I am also cool with David and his friend. Sounds weird but I'm trying to stay positive about things. Remaining friends is good. Half the time when you say that it's kind of like saying " The dog died but we can still keep it" xD I went to the gym today too :O Shocking aye? There is a new guy there. H didn't remember he was starting so they ended up chatting for a while. He's pretty cute! He looked a little moody but ;) I was talking to him whilst I was on the cross trainer and H came back in from doing something and actually looked a little... jealous. It was incredibly cute hehe. I actually love my gym. Half the guys in it motivate my arse haha. All the good looking guys must hide out at the gym =P Same about the women like. Not that I am watching them ha but they could look better for motivation. I mean one girl who goes there wears more make up than MAC sells in a year! Plus she wears more than me (yes I saw what she entered on the treadmill) 64kg and still wears shorter than short shorts and a tiny vest. Round of applause for being confident but seriously girl it's a gym not the beach! H and the lot think it's for attention. Would make sense since there is only 2 women who work at the gym but they work on the pool side of it most of the time. There is this old guy who seriously hits that gym! Half the time he outdoes me and H. Considering H is a personal trainer that's a challenge lol xD I will one day take my (invisible) hat off to him. So yeah that was most of my day. I went for coffee with H. I love coffee and haven't been drinking it lately. Hmm I am missing my passionate love affair with that thing. So I must remember to restart it up... My tooth really hurts now. Seriously I want it pulling out haha! At least it doesn't cost me for them sorting out. Braces on the other hand could prove tricky. If I get the fucked up dentist I will most likely have to go private. Gah. What's the point of having an NHS and having to fricking pay? I don't get that. No wonder British people have terrible teeth. Healthcare is free apart from Dentistry. Either that or it takes the piss. Blah blah ugh. I shall see and either smile or bloody moan about the outcome when I see him =D I think I am caught up now with the blogging. M L xoXox

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