Saturday, 24 July 2010

I just signed my death card

Honest to freaking God I just did. Funny that God is in the first sentence since that is the thing that will kill me in... oh let's say 22 days? Why the heck did I not say no to his grandma? The thing is she's too sweet looking and it's hard to say no in general to old people but me, David and H agreed to go to church. Freaking church! And a Christian one at that!! Oh my gosh kill me now. And after that (torture) we are going to have lunch with her. Again shoot me dead! Best part of this whole situation is that me and H are going to a party. A huge one at that. A day with Christians after drinking so much. Seriously I am drinking more than I normally would. I can't believe I agreed to go to a CHRISTIAN church sober. I am fucked in the head I swear to heck I am. Anyway I don't have to worry too much about that until the middle of next month. Hey it's the same week I have to go and get weighed plus have a shit load of blood tests and this bone test again. Ugh go me. Maybe everything lumped in together is a good thing. Get rid of the crap and get on with the good. Then it's blood the month after a new glasses/contacts the month after that. Yay lol. Ugh. So today. It's been alright. Down 3lbs this week =/ Not really much but meh. I can deal with it. At least it isn't a gain lol. But I have a new plan anyway from tomorrow. And I have the gym tomorrow and every other day from then on too. So no biggie. I was babysitting earlier today with David. Oh so much fun. The kid lived on fruit pastels and Lucozade until I made him his dinner. Sugar rush or what? Jeez. But not my kid so who I am to judge. He was a funny little thing though. No persuaded me to have one though. Oh gosh no. My friends talking about marrying her boyfriend and having kids with him. They've been together like 3 weeks? Madness but if you are willing to put it around you deal with that shit. M L xoXox

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