Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Friends are like buses... you always miss one :(

Grr it's been one of them days. You know the ones that need packing up and shipping to some forgein country? If only that was possible. I would pay big fucking bucks to be able to pass on some of the crappy things I do. I'm still a wee bit sour from yesterday lol. I actually spent my day from around 11am in bed. At like 7am (no sleep in god knows how long) I got emailed this thing for a job I applied for. It's one of the jobs in mental health rather than regular medicine. Go figure right but it's a job at least. Which reminds me I was meant to go to the bank... But anyway. It probably wasn't the most incredibley smartest idea to fill it in but I couldn't resist. I love how it didn't tell me which job is was though. Come on now I would like to know if it's the one in my city albeit not the closest or the one in Keighley which requires waking up early and getting a train. I'd prefer the one closest since it just requires buses until I decide to finally do my driving lessons. Soo before I went to bed I was goofing around on Facebook and clicking on random peoples profiles. I noticed this morning some of the people I have on Facebook tell a load of bullshot! Seriously. ~One friend AC* who said she had been in recovery is now out (as if especially IP after a few weeks. She claimed she was meant to stay til after my 18th which is next January!) is fasting. Come on if you've been diagnosed with Anorexia and have been in IP as if your parents aren't going to notice you aren't eating. They'd watch you like hawks! So AC* needs a bitch slap. ~ One friend LW* who really needs to cut her hair and redye it red. Please don't go that colour if you aren't going to keep up with it. ~ DD* You are such a fake. Seriously it's like ohmigosh! ~ CfrickingD** Cba going into that one. Anyway my friend just said she would kill to look like Kourtney Kardashian. I was like... Why??! So she said it's because she's the same height and 80lbs! By Jesus Christ the sky is blue! If she is 40lbs less than me I must be a fucking heffer! 80lbs my little backside. Yep I haven't got the same wide load as her. Gah I don't think people understand the simple methods of Mathematics. I think the point of this thread was to say something about Caitlin*. Oh yeah. Lousey friend. Totally blanks me now. What's so bad about living in an area where people have jobs and study?? Better than living on an estate full of knocked up 14 year olds and chavs. Oh can't forget the wannabe gangsters. All white little boys too. Yeah that bit made me laugh too xD M L xoXox

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