Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Finally in the future again o.O

I hate catch ups. It's annoying. At least I am writing about the day I am living in this time. Semi good thing I guess. Quote of the day: "You have enemies? Good. It means you actually stood up for yourself" -Eminem. That guys talking a lot of sense lately. Or maybe it's because I am paying more attention to things lately. Either way Eminem is my new thing. He looks not bad with brown hair too. Blonde made him look like a pratt. And his and Rihanna's new song = ♥ ♥ Anyway. I got fucking soaked! Like honest to God soaked! I was being healthy and all and went to the gym with H and the heavens above just opened up and poured it down before we both went to do our shopping. Not seen rain like this since last year like. I do like the rain though... just not when I am wearing a vest and trackie bottoms. Which reminds me I went shopping earlier for gym gear to kill the time. A few people nearly got murdered since they don't know the meanings of "get the heck out of my way" and "move your fat arse and stop bumping me!" Why do people do that? I meant they seem to think that they own the pavement or top of the elevators. Seriously you need to move them wide loads and go and hang out in McDonalds where you are normally found xD But yeah the rain has gotten to me. I'm so tired and still have to wait for H to come back. And the stupid lottery. Grr why do I buy stupid tickets when I will never win? Ah it's that little thing called "Hope" us humans use. We are funny little creatures aren't we? I'd rather H not stay but it's just one of those things. I rather sit alone and be depressed rather than act and pretend I'm... what's that word... Okay? Can you believe I never did Drama at school past year 8 or 9 and am this great at it? Bloody talented I am. Gosh I am so tired and need to get a shower. 3 showers in one day not including the rainfall ;) haha. I can't even be bothered to check PrettyThin... or blog anymore. So yeah I am not very interesting am I? I mean I'm not normally anyway but at least I write about the entire day. I just don't know anymore. On the plus side I've been discussing university all day with H even though it's a year or 2 away =/ Oh wow =O My stupid Honesty Box on Facebook asked a question a few months back saying "If I died tomorrow, what would you tell me today?" Somebody put "That you are worth more than stupid ED!" Wow. I don't know anything anymore. Like who wrote that? Ugh why doesn't it tell me?? Seriously my head is messed up atm. M L xoXox

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