Thursday, 22 July 2010

Dare I say it?

This week is actually going pretty great! Monday wasn't a bad day and I've been fasting since Tuesday. I went to the gym yesterday but had too many things to buy today so didn't go. I'm actually pretty happy right now. Gosh me and happy? Rare thing tbh with you. I'm actually a little bit overwhelmed at all the things I am doing these next few weeks. I am thinking about reapplying for college this September instead of next September. Plus side is when I go back to work I will never work mornings apart from weekends and holidays. I'd enjoy that a lot. Plus it would fill my days up. Gah I am exictable haha. I'm helping my friend move too. Baring in mind I am still sorting my place out since I like perfection. I'd don't really have much to do though. Have the paint the bathroom at some point... Anyhow he's pretty excited. I love how half of my friends live so close to me. It's cool since it;s the ones I like. Must admit the rent is slightly high but for a nice area it's worth it. City centre would be better though. Oh well. So yeah half the stuff I have done don't even warrant as exciting but I've enjoyed it. And it's been thought thinking. Going to apply to college next Thursday. Get Connexions to fill the form in haha. This time last year when I applied for the same course but decided to work instead I had a broken arm. Hopefully not this time hehe. M L xoXox

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