Thursday, 8 July 2010

And this shall be...

Yesterday wasn't too bad all in all. Actually to be honest things in general aren't too bad. I did this thing for a job the other day so that's good. I live alone albeit I don't stay there too often. I should start getting back into the habit of it haha. Talking of work one of the jobs I applied for the hours are crazy! It's 8am until 9pm Mon-Fri and 10am til 7pm Sat-Sun. You do get one day off like but it's still mad busy! H said to me I wouldn't have time to eat. All I was thinking is I wouldn't have time to go on PrettyThin as much xD *facepalm* See that's how screwed up my brain is that I didn't even think about food until he said it. Last nights football was rubbish. I am pretty devo'd cos Germany are out *weeps* but I shall allow Holland to win since they have never won. That and Spain suck raw eggs ;) So Sunday my poor head and insides are going to be frazzled and let's not talk about Monday at the gym. Yesterday though. I shall elaborate a bit more on it. I spent most of the day walking. Not just regular walking but walking around Leeds City Centre. Now anyone from a busy city with like 1 million or so people in it will know how tempting it is to push people under the buses. It's also not the best thing to do when you haven't had a shred of sleep in the last 24 hours. I went to Specsavers with my friend because she is making this huge deal about her eyes hurting. Sweetie I am no Optician but if you are given 2 pairs of glasses that you have to always wear but don't, you shouldn't complain when your eyes hurt. So I was sat on this lovely bony chair for 40 mins or something. iPods can only entertain me for so long. I ended up chatting to this guy and helping him choose my glasses. He so totally has the pair I want when I go back in October haha. Then we had to go and get these forms so I can take my cat to the vet. Not going to be an easy feat liike. The cat is a chunky bugger and will jab her claws in you. All I will say is my revenge on her will be seeing her have a thermometer up her bum ;) Haha. The get together last night wasn't too bad. I left at the same time basically as David. He didn't drink much either. It takes two 1 hourish bus journeys to get back to the area we live in but it ended up taking much longer. To say the buses stop at 11:45ish at night we didn't get off the bus until after midnight =/ Traffic was stupid like. But we had a nice chat and it was quite funny really. Fun in a way. Since we got a different bus to the 96 we had to walk back from Horsforth city centre. It's not too far but when you've had a little bit of alcohol and it's freezing (jeez where as this cold come from?? Maybe it's just me...) it takes slightly longer to get home. Even more so when one person decides he has the munchies... But anyway I got back to mine after 2am and went straight to bed after a 5 minute shower. Fuck the long shower. I'll just be dirty again when I wake up :P And that was my day. A lot longer and more things including but in all seriousness it's 9:30am and i haven't had a cup of coffee hehe xD M L xoXox

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