Wednesday, 14 July 2010

And it was like BAMN!

This is still Tuesday btw hehe. I was in town in the late afternoon/evening. I decided to go for a walk since I live quite close to the city centre. It's pretty annoying sometimes like since students live close but hey most are hot so it's not too bad. Back to the point anyway. I saw a friend in there and he came over. In my mind I thought "Just ignore me. Please. Or shoot me..." but nah! He came straight over and hugged me. Like whoa! He said I was lovely and cuddley. Like wtf? Seriously? I know he didn't mean it as an insult but like wtf? That was a serious downer. We got a glass or two of wine and chatted. I don't appear my normal self apparently. No shit Sherlock you just said I was cuddley! But we talked things through. I left feeling semi normal. We bussed it back. Ugh I hate getting the bus later at night. It's either too crowed or desserted. The latter isn't too bad in fairness. If it's crowded it's always too warm even if it's cold out. That's not a comfortable environment to me. I am the type of person to get off and catch the next or walk lol. But blah. That comment was a snack in the face =/ M L xoXox

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