Thursday, 17 June 2010

Yap, Yack, Meh, Blah, Yeah that!

Today has gone pretty fast. Gym? Done. Meetings? Done. Met my friend? Done. Convinced people I am not going back to college? Nahh. Can't do everything you know!? ;) I am pretty beat. Travelling, hot weather, gym and barely eating take it's tole (toll? F it!) after a while. Just pyshically shattered. Supposed to be doing a deep conditioning of my hair tonight but even though it's not long after 6pm I think I am going to have a really early night and get up early and do it. I'm losing interest in it all in a way. I get up, spend all day/most of the day with my guy friend or someone, go to the gym, occassionally swim, shop, have a joke, use PrettyThin, text and the usual stuff. It takes up the day nearly but it's... dull lol. And D is doing my head in. In a nice way of putting it. How can one person not stop texting all day and expect a reply in 2 milliseconds? Pretty mad in my opinion. And today I am pretty confused over things. In real life and the sorts. *gasps* Yes I do actually have a life =P Stepping back from a few things. Oh and scales are truelly screwed. Not the battery it's the thing it'self. Guess that's what you get when you leave them in the bathroom with a walk in shower lol. Buying a new pair tomorrow though so I am a lil more confident in that. Think I will remove them from the bathroom when finished with the this time xD M L xoxox

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  1. My scale used to sit in the bathroom but the digital display started getting screwy. After a while it started getting better but it gives a lot of range (up to a pound difference) in stepping on it within a couple minutes. I bought a new one a couple weeks ago & I keep it in my room until I go to use & then I put it back.