Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Tuesday/Wednesday. My brain is confused!

So I do need to get times right. But like w/e. Better late by a few hours or something than a couple of days o.O Today was a total dunce. Honestly (has anyone else noticed I am either honest or serious?) food intake was utter rubbish but not as bad as yesterday thank god. Earlier before I went to the gym one of my girl friends came around. Shocker I only ever seem to blog about guys haha. But she convinced me to put this facemask type of thing on my face. Dear Lord it fucking hurt! Not majorly like, just it made me cry. Have you ever put toothpaste on your face as a last resort to banish a few spots? Jeez it is as bad as that. It made me run and eyes run. Not a pretty site haha. It was a bit funny though but I hopped into the bathroom and in the shower to get it frigging off. Like seriously I will never be doing that again. I will stick to my fancy overpriced crap! But my skin doesn't feel too bad and it helps it become a little bit clearer. I have pretty good skin but I am no doll. I am prone to breakouts. Need to keep working on it but it'll get there. Eventually. I'm actually sat in a face mask at the moment. I am being kind to my skin haha before I go and torture the body with a jog/run and gym later on today. I am determined not to let my eating throw me off on my exercise routine. I do need to start getting more sleep though. I'd love to sleep my day away since these next couple of days I have nothing major planned. Apart from going around all of Leeds on Thursday but from there on it's all random. Nothing planned or scheduled. Nothing important to do so I might try and kick the insomnia's arse and sleep for ages. I can wish right. I think I should go to bed since it's 04:33am. I cba staying awake doing anything. So shower and bed until later on. And hopefully asleep before 6am =/ M L xoXox

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