Sunday, 6 June 2010

Totally rushed

Today has been one of them days where you just want to do absolutely nothing yet have a ton of things to do. I had to go and order a ton of stuff for Wednesday, look for a bikini (found on but don't have my size till next week. Typical.), and I can't be bothered going through everything else I did. All I know is I didn't really rest until around 23:30 and by that time the day is over and I hadn't eaten. Or drunk anything apart from a huge ass can of sugar free Red Bull. I really need to remember to drink more liquids. Especially if active and not eating o.O Soo last night. Gosh I really have to think hard to remember. I had a few mates over and we ended up having pizza and a few other things. I hate how we nearly always end up eating unhealthy food. But I got over that. Had fun watching Mock the Week reruns lol. They ended up leaving at like 12:30am or something stupid but M has a car so drove them all back. I enjoy spending time with my friends but with more than half of them it always revolves around food. Weird huh? Why is food so important when spending time with other people? And back to today. Well technically it was today when they left but lets not get technical at this time of night. So yeah my day was really busy and I managed to survive ;) M L xoxox

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