Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sunday mornings are always a blast xD

Today is going to be a long one. I'm currently at my ex boyfriends house and he is having a bbq so to avoid the that I got a shower so I am sat in his bedroom avoiding his friends and family. Seriously it becomes a bore when you are the only one sat listening to your iPod whilst everyone is eating and laughing. It's like half past 12 and I have to set off to the gym in just over an hour. I'm watching the England match at the gym rather than at home. If I stay at Davids everyone will just be drinking whereas if I watch it with H (I did nickname him that right?) I'm not really expected to do anything since he is doing a 45 minute shift watching the pool area after the match so I might just sit around and chill out there or I'll go for a walk before we set off afterwards. Yes I really don't like walking alone in that area haha. It's a lovely part of Leeds don't get me wrong but it's the type of area where every guy in the vicinity can tell when any woman under 26 is walking around. Seriously they are like Beadles hunting foxes. No matter how hard you try it will always be a struggle to outrun them. You can outsmart them but running from them is the hardest bit. Though at least it's not like the part of Leeds an ex friend lives in. You don't even have to try to outsmart guys there. You are lucky if they have 1 GCSE at grade F! Gosh I should get a start on getting ready. It's all well writing this but I can't go to the gym with wet hair. It feels too conditiony. I have never liked Davids shampoo on my own hair. Feels rank. Smells good though. Ugh why on earth am I watching Big Brother?? The girl that looks like a dude (yep I totally just judged her.) shouldn't get involved in the UKs benefit system. Like seriously? Girl you are on Big Brother for Christ sake. Do not discuss things you don't and never will understand. I've never understood why people do that. Politicians involved :P Stick to what you know and shut up about the rest. Gah this program is making me cringe! Why would you voluntarily spend so long with so many strangers? And flirting? Like yuk!! Again stick to what you know and are good at. Flirting isn't your strong point blonde dude that is trying to look awesome. They are all losers. I thought I was one until I saw this shite. Right I need to check on my gym gear. D's idiotic friend Chase spilt his drink on them. Grr! So that means I have to wait for them to dry (In the dryer now) and then iron them. Don't ask why but I have to iron everything I wear. So I need to go and blow dry then straighten my hair and get all my crap together so I can go and meet H. I must say I am getting fed up of people thinking I date him, Like yeah I'd do that so soon after a break up. Some people might have no class but I taught myself different. You wait at least 4 weeks xD Nahh I am kidding. Oh gosh the points I am bringing across that I would do if I was in Big Brother. That bloody peg eye xD Or the Prime Minister. Seriously I would be a kick ass Prime Minister. You should all totally vote for me when I decide to run. I'm going to do a line up and choose what you eat. I'd be "You fat Bastard... Vegan!" "You fat Bastard... Vegetarian." "You fat Bastard... WATER." Ahh I would be soo awesome. Now let's get myself sorted out yeah? It's like 1pm. Gawd. Rush rush. M L xoXox

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