Sunday, 13 June 2010

Riding Solo

We did it. Over coffee. How cliche lol. And Pixie Lott Turn it up is the break up song lol. Ironic that Starbucks was playing that xD Even he said he had noticed we have been living as friends. I mean the intimacy is there but... It was pretty nice that things ended nicely for a change. Unless, like my 2 exes he runs off with one of my best friends. Then I will kick his arse lol xD Decided not to go to the gym today. I just... Not in the mood really. I want to but I didn't even wash my stuff last night lol. I spent time on PrettyThin and then went to bed. Going to have dinner in a little bit. Never understood the whole eating early but whatever! Going for a walk later on so happy about that. Need to find some jeans to go in though. Off with my new friend =) Aye it's a guy but me and girls never seem to click. So I have done my 500 crunches for today. Need to do my squats now. Lord give me strength!! Weight is really weird on mechanical scales so have ordered some digital ones and am picking them up on Wednesday. But either way I have lost nearly 20lbs since... when did I break my leg... March? Something like that. So am pleased about that but will be happier when I can say I have lost 30 etc. And that is me for now. A little bit confused. A little bit sad. A little bit happy. A little bit of everything!! M L xoxox

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