Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Plaits, gym, coffee and ice cream

Plus sunshine. Can't forget the sunshine. Today hasn't been too bad actually. A little bit uncomfortable with the heat and lack of food plus exercising. It's one of them days where you would love to just relax but it's warm to the point of unbareable to want to do anything. I also hate the fact that the treadmill and bike I use in the gym is in front of the wondow. I swear with the laughing me and my friend were doing I'll either a) have an heart attack one day or b) fall off and carry on laughing. I suggest b to be the best answer. It'd probably hurt though seeing as though it's a wall further back behind the treadmills. I went shopping today. I have no idea what I orginally went for but I forgot it all the same. Ended up with more make up and rubbish like that. I swear my apartment is littered with the stuff. Orderly of course and not just anywhere but if I carry on buying it my apartment will look like they are going they are going to stage The London Fashion Week in my living room xD Can you imagine?... That would be awesome haha. I think tonight before bed I will watch a DVD. Not done that in a while. I normally fall asleep whilst listening to some news or politics rubbish. Might put Dirty Dancing on. Everybody loves that movie. And Patrick Swayze didn't look too bad in the movie. Could of had a better actress though. And "Baby"? Cheesey lol. But a bit of cheese once in a while is good =) Gosh gym, shopping, walking, internet, Starbucks and my friend are the only things I seem to do lately. Well I don't DO my friend... But you catch my drift. Ah I am so warm and tired. I'm wrapping this up because I have nothing interesting to say. Exercise:
  • 25 mins on treadmill
  • 22 mins cycling
  • 10 mins on this step thing
  • 20 mins weights
  • 65 mins walking
  • 1800 crunches
  • 1500 squats
  • A load of other exercises I learnt in dance

Calories burnt: 1906. I think I missed a few off but that's what Livestrong says I burnt off.

Food intake:

  • Bag of snaps 91 cals
  • Ice lolly 100 cals
  • 300 calories worth of fries =/ Grr

So that is it. I am outtie.



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  1. Love Dirty Dancing! Must be a popular day for that movie, this is the second blog I've read today that mentioned it.