Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Not a very typical but quite typical day

Today was pretty awkward. I went to Costa (yes I admit. I am addicted to coffee shops.) without the lappy and was minding myown business texting people and I saw an ex. Now we are still pretty good friends even if we only text or tak on Facebook/MSN most of the time. So we said the normals "how are you blah blah blah." and it turned really weird. I don't know why as such but I just wanted to leave. I was kind of glad he left before David got there. So I did a 30 jog this morning. Them things are a little slow for my liking. I mean I always want to go faster and it turns into a run. But I kind of managed it. I've got that Edelweiss or however the hell you spell it stuck in my head. The way Julie Andrews sings it too so an opera type of thing. Blooding driving me mental lol. Oh and "The rine in spine stays minely in the pline" You sound Australian saying the rain in spain stays mainly in the plain like the first way. M L xoxox

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