Sunday, 20 June 2010

Normal? Normal is over-rated!

If my water came out of my bottle any slower I would die of thirst xD I always start this blog ages before I actually bother finishing it. I think it's just incase I forget to blog haha. Always handy because when it comes time to write it, it is basically the next day. So I spent most of today with my friend and her dad. My guy friend (I should prob start using his name but... ) tagged along later on aswell. He found out my nickname my friends dad gave me and her when we was younger. Ali-cat and... Do I have to say? Kay-bear. Cheesey right? SO now he is calling me Kay-Bear. Grr. Nicknames. They always come back and bit you in the arse! It didn't go back though. We ended up going to Starbucks and this one drink left my stomach in knots! I'm not even sure what it was but I won't be ordering it again. Got me out of eating though so that was pretty good. Her dad noticed a change but didn't become too vocal in his opinion. If I hadn't of clung to my guy friend like glue he would lol. Men! They aren't supposed to notice anything never mind get involved! My stomach is still a bit dodgy from that drink. I hate dairy. I hate people not remembering I can't have it "/ I hate not thinking to ask what it is. Either way it clears you out if you get my drift xD I am looking into the cost of getting micro dermals on my hips. I think it would be a good motivater to push me towards a weight. I was thinking 112 and then I would go and get it done. I'm not sure though because I did once say when I got to 126 I'd get a lip piercing and I haven't done. O.o I'm using the work excuse but that still isn't stopping me get my tattoos. I have many idea's on tattoos. And these I will never back out of. Damn I am craving a sugary drink. I always do when fasting. And I just kicked the coca cola addiction. I have no sugar free Red Bull either until the morning when shops open but by that time I will be at Starbucks and then the gym. I missed it lol. Only had one day off and I missed it. It's strange. I moan when I have to get out of bed and go but once I get close I get wayy excited lol. I could spend hours in there with a smile on my face. I've just got this feeling that things with certain people are going to come to an head this week. Especially with my friends dad. And a few other people. I don't want to deal with the confrontation. It's too stressful but thinking about it like this is stressful. I'm meant to be seeing Alex at some point tomorrow too. Oh my gosh. And David. I feel so bad but I'm not sure I can handle the David one. These are the things I forgot when being asked what I was doing tomorrow or would it be today since it's 01:30am? I just... ARGH!! I need to scream and let it out but I am not sure my neighbours will appreciate it xD Gosh. For one little person I have one BIG stressy life. I want a refund. I want a simple life. Normal but normal is over rated. But I shouldn't feel guilty about being close to another guy as a friend after a break up should I? I wonder if David asks himself this. Or if he just brushes it off like people think men do. Mmm it's worth asking him or my friend about. This as been the longest week ever in terms of a break up. And I haven't really blogged about it because I respect the trust we both had in the relationship. Plus it's not the easiet of things to talk about. So yeah =/ I should probably go to bed. I will fill in the blanks in the morning when I go on a coffee date. Nope not a date date just meeting my friend. Always nice I guess. M L xoXox


  1. At least you don't have a nickname like "Trash." I've been stuck with that one since high school....

    Starbucks drinks always make my tummy wage war against the rest of my digestive system, so you're not alone! :D


  2. That's such a mean nickname!

    Sticking to coffee from there in future lol. Or at least ordering my own drinks :)