Monday, 7 June 2010

No sleep (again)

I am beat. Seriously if I could sleep and not wake up but not be dead I'd do it. I had 3 hours today and then had to go out and then when I got back I tried to sleep again but the neighbour arose with her megaphone mouth and low and behold I couldn't. So I am writing this whilst half cut. Red Bull isn't doing the job so I think I will head to bed after writing this and sleep it out so I better not take forever like I normally do =P I really want to go and see StreetDance at the cinema. David wants to see A Nightmare on Elm Street. He's nearly 20. I'm 17. I can easily see 18 rated movies but I know too many people at the cinema I like. And the one in the city centre is f'ed up. I personally don't like it plus it is freezing! They have air conditioning on 24/7 at full blast! At least the one near the TV studios is lovely and warm =) Warmth is essential if you are going to spend 2hrs+ watching a movie. I remember going to see 2012 at my normal cinema and it was lovely to sit in a comfy chair albeit near some giggling guys, who have clearly never seen a woman before!, in a warm cinema. Good movie I must say. I'd promote it haha =P So we are at a standstill. He comes to see my movie and I will go with him. I don't see us drawing a truce though even though I want to see the movie he does. It's about the principals lol. I am not standing down and nor will he. Guess it'll be find someone else to go who will actually watch it and not be an annoying arse or wait for the DVD. I am opting the latter option is more viable. Men! Me! Meh! So can you believe I buy my gym membership the day after tomorrow? I mean I couldn't care less right now but I am guessing I will more when I am more... sociable. Have to get a passport picture for the badge thing. Meh! Could do without my ugly mush on a badge xD But whatevers. I have a slim face so I can deal with it. Just have to decide whether to wear my glass on the pic or not. Slimmer face but I look totally different without them on. To the point people on the ward I used to work on didn't recognise me and walked past me when I went to work with contacts o.O If this neighbour doesn't fall down the stairs I am going to push her. I mean besides the fact she's louder than a bowing 747, her dialect isn't even capable of being understood! It's like "rabvi divbelo flw3bv elbf uhu!!!" I shoulda put in caps because you could hear her from 2 blocks away at the minimum xD She was talking to a police officer earlier and they straight got told to shut up! By me btw. Loud ass yobs! Pretty good looking police officer if I must say so though ;) I just love the fact in her typical screamo type voice she told him not to tell the guy 2 doors down that she called the cops on his ass. Now that made me nearly fall off my bed xD Picture the scenario: She's outside J's house chatting to the police, he's stood at his door, she tells them not to say anything and then they go to talk to him. Pure classy genius that is. And that ladies and gentlemen is why I live on the upper class lets say richer and a heck of a lot nicer part of Leeds. I'll take the obsene rent at times to avoid the proper slack munters from this side of Leeds. Ah I feel better now about ranting their asses out. M L xoxox

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  1. Bless ya babe! I hate people like that. On the plus side you got to see a fit bobby! But D is like my man. Totally stubborn.

    I understand the lack of sleep though. It is driving me mad.

    Ooh yay g-y-m! Always good :-) xXx