Thursday, 10 June 2010

No blog in two days

Shocking aye? I've barely been on PrettyThin though either so don't feel too neglected haha. Gosh now I have to recap. I'm not good at that unless my days have been spectacular and they haven't as such been that. So Tuesday. What did I do? I think I went to lunch with my friends. We ended up ordering pasta but it was coated in this sause with was disgusting. Wouldn't of minded but I was frigging starving. So in the end I only had the smallest amount ever. I came back home and ended spending my day how I normally spend it. Texting, listening to music and chatting away on PrettyThin. Yesterday. Do I remember? It was a great day! I went shopping, found out everything about my gym membership (bleeding hate changing gyms. I was with this weird one but now because I want to switch to Virgin I have to do the induction again. Grr.), bought amazing trainers. That's a big thing for me to say because I rarely rarely buy trainers. Last time I properly bought trainers for something besides running and gym was when I was 7 years old and doing football throughout school. Seriously. I lived my dance and that classes with them McKenzie pump things. God stfu D!! Jeez anybody would think muttering and that crap is tolerable whilst sleeping. It's freaking not. And you are doing my box in lol. I want to hold your mouth together do you know that? Anyway moving on from my attempting to kill somebody plan. So after buying my trainers and some gym clothes I went to McDonalds with D and some other people that he mainly knows apart from Lauren who I know. McDonalds is always pretty safe for me because I'm vegetarian and that rules everything bar salad and fries out. Oh and milkshakes. Funny story about that in a minute. But I ended up getting fries because I didn't want to be the super healthy one. D's friends said I am "so cute!" and "funny" which sort of bothered me. Cute is something I refer to myself as but I definitely don't want other people to say it outloud even if they think it and funny? Sweetheart it's called "being sarcastic" which I pointed out to them which made them laugh. Funny and cute? Why not funny and pretty? When I think cute I think me in my school uniform and with my hair and make up nicely done and even then I got called pretty. I did get stunning this morning when I accidentally sent a picture to everyone in my phonebook lol. I just didn't expect cute when I was getting on to nearly 18 and look... mature? Maybe it's because I was dressed like... well a teenager? Haha. Oh god even I laugh at myself! Bad times xD Ooh my computer is magentic on ones side =O freaky =P So I am ringing the gym when it opens. 10 minutes I think and seeing when I can book an innduction for me and Davey =) Am in a positive and good mood today. Makes a change from fine and not too bad =D First though I have to find my phone. It is with my iPod. Both are big and black so shouldn't be too hard to find. Ha! M L xoxox

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  1. Good luck with your gym stuff, hope it all goes smoothly!