Friday, 25 June 2010

My day or something on them lines...

I'm looking forward to Sunday. More so than Saturday. Tomorrow I am off swimming in the afternoon after I've been to the gym and done some shopping. Normally I wouldn't mind but kids are coming too. A few of my younger cousins and friends kids are coming. God have strength on my soul! Don't get me wrong kids are nice and all. And maybe once I get married I would have 1 or 2 but ugh! Other peoples kids are annoying. Most don't listen simpily because their parents don't force them to. So there is a slight chance tomorrow that I will either be in hospital myself or on charges of... would it be murder or manslaughter? I mean it wouldn't be as though I planned it... I really don't want to go. It's not that I don't like swimming. I love swimming but I just... ugh. Now they want to go earlier which would mean me not going to the gym or being able to go shopping. FML. I need to figure it out because I did agree but I would rather slave my butt off in the gym rather than swimming. It screws my hair up after a while. So today I did my regular gym workout and didn't eat until around 7pm. I had a snack a jack. Not too bad tbh. ~ Edit : You had 341 calories ~ It was quite exhausting today. Not one I care to blog about because I would rather just relax and think things through so today is going to be my crappy short post barely saying a thing about what I did yet I still manage to make it look longer by putting an entire sentence in that didn't need to be in because I am simpily talented in that way. M L xoXox

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