Wednesday, 16 June 2010


So I know I said I would update with my boring life today but I am halfway through dying my hair and cba. Plus I am doing my friends hair so not much time to go into things. He's a guy btw lol.
Plus I am feeling pretty unmotivated to finish things up right now. And I am pretty shattered from working out earlier.
Oh and they want me to go back to college. Ha! Screw the Lord above! There is no chance of that. It'll be pretty impossible managing the exams I am going to be starting with work plus whatever crap they want me to do. This state is pretty fucked up in my opinion. Got to go for an interview thing again tomorrow at 10am. 10 bloody am! I am normally at the gym at that time. Stuff it.
Blah blah blah.
Eating was pretty good.
Gym was fine.
Nearly died laughing at these guys trying to act tough.
Swear I nearly came off the treadmill xD
Oh and I am going from brown/red to blonde. It's pretty darn blonde atm. Going to go a little bit darker. I have a picture of me with brown hair I have decided to put up. Why not aye? Don't judge. I only had eyeliner and mascara on lol. Oh and believe it or not that is how naturally straight my hair is yet I still use GHDs. And it was first thing in a morning. Alright I can't think up many other excuses so this is me out for tonight. I'll properly blog... at some point. No point making promises that can be broken.

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