Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Kay in Wonderhell!

As I am writing this I am sat in my dressing gown with my hair in a conditioning mask. Nice image right? My friend is staying over, unexpected I may add but he is chilling out on the sofa and I am at the dining table. Same room like but it's a biggish space. We are watching the Bodygaurd. I missed half of it. Just my luck. This conditioner has been on my hair for ages but truth is I am too lazy to go and wash it off right now. At least my hair won't stink of hair dye though. More of a... I couldn't actually tell you. Sort of... TreSemme, clairol, Loreal and something else cos I made the mask myself. I needed to get rid of some bottle so mixed them together. Oh yeah! At some point I am going to have to stop writing this and go and get a shower. Well today. Not a great one tbh. Not too sunny either. Why is it when the sun goes so does my thinking brain?? The good points:
  • I saw my friends. Some of whom I love to pieces.
  • And I spent 2 hours in the gym! Whoo go me!
The bad points:
  • We spent most of the day in a resturant.
  • I had wine. Well that is good but I realised it made up half my calories but it didn't bother me too much.
  • I got quizzed on the break up. I said I wasn't Katie Price and told my story to everyone willing to listen.
My friend did ask my guy friend out. Funny story actually. She went for a walk to the ATM machine with him. Everybody wasn't sure why she wanted to tag along since they don't know each other very well (seen each other 2 or 3 times o.O She is a fast worker xD) But I am assuming that she asked him out at some point on the journey because she was in a funny old mood for the rest of the day. I tried asking her but she wouldn't say anything just that she didn't think it was a very good idea. I asked him on the journey back to mine and he spilled the entire story. It's not something I would blog about but it made me giggle. I actually don't blame him for refusing because in all fairness she tosses blokes faster than new shoes! This girl needs to spend some time single. We all tell her that but she refuses to listen. Mmm I'm still tossed out at my calorie intake. I burned the same-ish amount off but still I wasn't hungry after around 400 calories in so why did I eat more? Sometimes I think it's because I want to appear normal but most of the time I refuse. Sometimes I confuse myself more than my ED confuses me. Life is a baffling thing. Okay it's been more than an hour since I put this stuff on my hair and I want to watch Two and a Half Men. It's not exactly going to make my hair come off right? It'd probably help it with all the recent dying it's endured. In the past 4 weeks it has been Red, Browny Red, Blonde and now a Brownish Blonde. I think that's it's colour. I haven't exactly seen it yet. All I know is it better look nice or I will find my way to *checks box* Surrey UK and beat their asses for making dodgy hair dye!! I'd have to take a map though. Not sure how much useful it would be though. I need a drink. I haven't drunk much today so I am off for... water. It seems to be one of the only things in my fridge. I need to go shopping lol. For food aswell as drinks this time. I went early and barely bought a thing. Because I am wicked cool like that. I realised how dumb I was and now have to endure another trip to Tesco's. Meh! M L xoXox


  1. I miss dying my hair sometimes, it's been so long. But it can be so annoying to keep up with, lol.

  2. Haha I know. The longer it gets the mmore annoying it becomes to dye it.