Saturday, 19 June 2010

Karma bit my arse!

This freaking picture is somehow bookmarked on my computer. Stupidest thing is it is bookmarked before this blog which is impossible to do since everything bookmarks at the left side of the screen. Karma you are an evil asshole! Nice thing to look at after eating wayy more than expected. Grr it is like a kick in the teeth. Glad my friend found it funny when I looked at it "/
Buying my new scale whenever I get paid this week. My pay is like the most unreliable thing ever. It's there when it is there!! Think I am going to buy these Weight Watcher ones from Argos. They look pretty neat =) And are silver! I am sold xD
I started this hours ago (since it is nearly 11pm) and couldn't be bothered finishing it up. I don't think I will ever get this finished. I keep getting distracted and am talking on the phone, typing on PrettyThin, and writing this. My brain can't take it all in! It does have limited space you know xD But on the otherhand, that side of my brain that works perfectly has managed to apply for 5 jobs this week. Actually in 2 days. I cba half the time lol but I really should get more motivated because it means I go do more shopping because I'll have more money. And I lurvve shopping.
Okay it's 1am so I better get going with this. I ate more than I wanted today because I spent the beginning of the day with friends. So I'm classing it as a binge simpily because of the amount of calories I had. It bugs me cos once somebody says something about my eating once I am not around them it makes me want to eat more. I know it's daft but I can't help it. I'm a weirdo like that but it's cool. So that was my first binge in... Ahh I can't call it a binge! I just mentally can't because I didn't even go over 1200 calories. My brain is kicking itself right now! But it was the first time I have gone over 1000 in like ages! I don't even remember the last time I ate this much. I don't like feeling full.
But tomorrow is my fast day. Sundays are my new fast days because they are the days I don't go to the gym. Then again I do go to the gym without eating so fasting and gym aren't too bad as long as I have more than just water. I can't run on water. God knows how other people do but I guess if you aren't very busy it's possible. But I get sick of the taste of it after a while. It's pretty rank unless flavoured which reminds me I ran out of water...
So... oh crap. Tomorrow is my fast day and I am spending most of it with my best friend and her dad for Fathers Day. Ugh. I mean I want to go but damn lol. Means an early morning on my day off from the gym. I can always get out of eating around my friends dad. I mean we never normally eat anyway because they eat pretty late like I claim to too. That shouldn't be a problem. It'll be more about doing something fun. The Wii is always hilarious. We end up looking like morons. An dpictures get taken but they are pretty sorted and not the run straight to Facebook type of people. So I won't end up looking like a muppet online and have to rush to take the tags out of pictures xD
I better go to bed. It's half past 1. I'm not tired but at least I can try rather than spend more time writing this out. I mean I started 6 hours ago or something ridiculously stupid like. I best go. Before I end up... I dunno. Tired?
I'm sure I missed a load of things out but I'll recap some point tomorrow.

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