Thursday, 3 June 2010

I've come to the conclusion...

...That people on Facebook are mean hearted bitches! It's quite funny when you think about it. The arguments people have on there are so pathetic but they take it so serious. Ahh it's like Jeremy Kyle bahaha!! Also people that say something quite serious and with a meaning but then go back on it when asked about it. That is really annoying. So they Irish Muppet, stand ya ground for once! Anyway onto the better things =P I was out with a few friends today. Work friends but we are pretty close. We have such a laugh together which is always fun. At first we all went to grab a drink from Starbucks. I think they are getting rich off me xD We were having the most random conversations. I asked what BP (as in the gas thing) stood for and David said British Petrol. I thought he was being a bit up himself lol so I walked in the petrol station and asked... We all know what BP stands for now xD We had lunch in this nice little cafe/restaurant. I did eat quite a lot but I was okay with that. We decided to spend a few hours in the park after that just relaxing because it was quite a nice day. It was quite nice. We played a bit of footy and basketball. Haven't played that in ages. I had fun. Did I really say that? Haha =) After that me and David split from our friends and spent the rest of the afternoon goofing around lol. We went out for dinner later on and it was a 3 course and totally calorie laden. My entire days calorie intake came to probably about 2000. I just tried to not let it bother meh. Oh gosh reading NightmareOfAPromQueen's posts are making me wanna use meh instead of me lol. We met up with a few different friends too for a few drinks. Aye it's awesome living in a busy city and being with older people cos you never get ID'd. It's amazing lol. So that was my day. I'm sure I could of added a lot more but all I really can think of is I had fun and enjoyed myself. Not done that properly in a while so I liked it =D Oh yeah and I tried to find some new scales. Mine are so off it's unbelievable but couldn't really find a decent set so I'll look again next week when I am on my own and no-one is watching me. M L xoxox

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