Saturday, 12 June 2010

It's like chores

I better get a start on this blog before heading off to bed if I can sleep. I'm in the chore mindset when I am thinking of writing this. Hey I want to go to bed? Despite my 6hr rest after the gym and swimming. Why did I have to do it in two trips? It would of been totally easier to go to the gym and then the pool rather than doing the crappy load of walking in between it all. Bloody legs are killing me. Glad I am not off to the gym until like 2 or 3pm. Gives me more time to sleep. I need to go to the bank in the morning too. Meh! I'd rather not. I can't even remember why I need to go anymore tbh. For money obviously! I swear sometimes I am so thick but I'll use the excuse of I am thinking a lot atm. I need to do my hair in the morning cos swimming makes it feel so horrible. So yeah. Shower, bank and then dinner and gym. Think dinner will be tiny because I cba with it. Oh and I have to talk to D. We spoke on the phone and we both realised it. It's harder than I thought it would be. I thought things would be simple but it's... not. It's just ugh!! I'm not posting about it on here. It's a bit... it feels wrong that everyone else knows about it rather than just me and D. So I have written lol and am going to finish up things and go to bed. I seriously am tired. Oh and I ate 294 calories today. God knows how many I burnt though. M L xoxox

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