Tuesday, 1 June 2010

It is June

I'd best get the first blog of the month done =) Okay so like an hour after I started. Make that 2 now xD
So today I pretty much did nothing.
Apart from have a meal.
Ugh but it could of been worse I guess. I had Quorn chicken, rice and a few chips.
It was a bit strange to already have it cooked though.
Davids mum puts too much thought into it but w/e.
I got quite wet going there.
Coming back was bloody worse.
I swear today is the first day of summer!! Not... actually no todays weather is perfect summer weather.
I'm not going to finish this post at this rate lol =D
I did do a mini workout this morning though so all is not bad but at this rate I will not be under 126 by the time I go to the gym.
It's actually the 2nd of June now xD
I keep forgetting to write this. I'm too distracted by PT and my iPod.
Oh my god! I am having the most random telephone call with David.
He said what would you do if 6 people were sat on you?
I said I would go for the one closest and bite him on the arse! xD
Haha I am still laughing at the thought
It's escalated into his pets (he has 2 cats like me =D)
If they died or rather when they die do they lose bodily functions like humans?
Because they sometimes sleep on his bed and he is worried.
Oh my God I am dying!
Bahaha funniest convo we've had in quite a while.
I am literally crying with laughter xD
So tomorrow I am challenged to burn 600 calories =) I can do that =)
And that is all I have because it's hard to type and talk on the phone. Well speaker is on but yeah so...
M L xoxox

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