Thursday, 3 June 2010

I'm a... fool?

I seriously think that is what my friends think I am. It's really getting to me now. Most of the people I went to school with just... well there is a reason people are called Facebook and MSN friends. The people I once spent everyday with and people thought we were besties seem to have difted apart from me. It wouldn't bother me apart from the ones I was super close to. Maybe I drive people away. It's not like I am so into my Eating Disorder that I don't think or care about people. Hey I kick the gym or whatever to hang around with my friends. If they want to me to go out for lunch I'll go. I still live my life. My friend Dawn said maybe I intimidate them with my job and my career/education goals. I don't think I do but Dawn is older than me (She's a staff nurse and super nice!) and said she went through a similar thing. I think it's pretty sad that people just change because you don't want to spend the rest of your life jobless, on the dole and living in a council house. It is nice to not just do the same as everybody else. Like most of the girlies I know all went to study hair and beauty or child care. Choose your own career not follow the trend to fit in. The job thing might be intimidating because of the wage and hours I work but it's pretty similar to them in sixth form or college. They are there 6 hours a day plus studying after. Well meant to. So I am probably a fool. I just, I dunno deal with the fact everybody is changing and not including me. Even when I make an effort to engage with them. So yeah I is a fool. But at least I'm not thick lol. I just don't always want to deal with something as soon as it happens. On other more exciting news gym and swimming in 6 days =D =/ =) M L xoxox

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