Thursday, 24 June 2010

I think I'm going a little bit loopy! =/ ...

For the love of mankind it is the Italians playing not the French. Jeez you can tell the difference. Or maybe I can simply because I notice things and am not challenged. Anyway moving on. I haven't even done much today. I skipped the gym. Seriously don't stay up until 7am if you plan on doing a 2hr workout. Even my friend didn't want to go. I did but didn't. So I have nothing remotely interesting going on today. It's been pretty gorgeous out today so have had the balcony door open since like 11am. It's so warm. So not a totally wasted day. Bah who am I kidding? I've spent most of my day on PrettyThin and Google. Creative right? My friend said something that struck a chord. Since we are pretty close we was just sat at the table talking and he was like "Don't get too skinny." So very random in my opinion. I was like haha what are you on?! He just said some people get obsessed with the gym etc. At that point I picked up a cushion and tossed it at him! I just told him not to be stupid. If I was obsessed I'd of gone to the gym which I didn't. I hate people commenting on my weight whether it's good or bad. It's too much attention that I just don't want but then again I never hide the fact I am at the gym everyday or I go running or eat little. It has gotten to a point where I can't be bothered to make pathetic excuses or anything. I'm 17 and can refuse to eat dinner with somebody if I want to. Grr oops! I went off into a little rant there. But I know what I mean and since this is my blog I can rant whenever I want to xD But another friend I was texting not long after he left around 4pm said I had changed. I don't see how. I mean everybody changes. Especially when life changes. Am I supposed to remain the kid I was when I was 7? Cos I wouldn't want to go back to that age. I asked her how I had changed and she just said I was completely different to how I used to be. I'm different because I have been through more stuff than she has. Granted she may live in a council estate and I don't but it doesn't mean I have it easier. Just means I am willing to pay the bloody rent!! Anyhow to say I haven't had an interesting day I have a bloody lot to rant and moan about. Ah well just means I am popular xP I don't understand the whole changing thing though. She probably means since I moved out last summer and went to college. Well excuse me for moving on with my life. I know I am not the same as I was back then. I don't think many people are once they have been to college and moved out. Things happen and if I have changed too much for you then I guess so be it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit: Went out until 2:15am ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My friend and 2 others Will and Lee called me a couple of hours ago and asked if I fancied going out for a while with them. Truth be told I didn't cos I didn't feel great and I knew alcohol would be involved but I agreed since I had nothing better to do. (I was quite happy talking on msn and PrettyThin to be honest) We ended up going to Lee's house which isn't too far away from my house. Our houses? We all live locally. Gosh I am so warm right now! Anyway we ended up drinking quite a bit and a few of our other friends joined us. About 6 of us ended up going to this large park nearby and acting like morons (not that a few of us have to try ;) haha.) We spilt up after a while and went off in pairs or so depending on who lived closest. I mean no point me going home with Lee when he lives like at the other end of the... community? Something like that. Making sense? I bet not. So anyway me, Will(iam) and... what can I call him since I aren't naming him?... H. Stands for hot which he sort of is. we were all walking home, not in the straightest line granted but not wobbly enough for the police to actually stop =/ (Downside to living so close to the biggest police station I have seen. Seriously nearly everywhere I have lived it's been 10 minutes away from the police department.) They was talking about one of our friends who has gained weight. She used to be the poster girl for the preppy, blonde cheerleader type of IT girl. Then she got a boyfriend and apparently isn't bothered by her weight. (Go her!) So Will said, "She's now a lot bigger than you used to be!" Ever wanted to punch somebody? Yeah me too. I just scoffed and said "Thanks jerk!" At that point I put my earphones in. Guys aren't meant to talk about weight. That's what I think anyway. About 10 minutes later and 2.5 songs down Will arrived at his house. They did the guy thing and I got a hug and kiss. Way to butter a girl up. Gosh this is starting to get long. It's not even as if it is the same day as the first part! o.O Me and H live around 5 minutes away from each other. He lives in an house though and I live in the apartment block. Too much detail? We ended up walking around for quite a while and just talking. At first we said nothing at all and then started discussing footy and that sorts. For a girly girl I know an awful lot about sports, politics and the news. In the end we sat in a bus shelter and just sat there. It was peaceful. He tried bringing up what Will said but I have the powers of switching a topic faster than David Cameron tells lies! He let it die. Probably won't be the end of it but I feel too ugh to care. Seriously that alcohol made me feel worse than I did earlier!! Yes I actually threw up. Never done that before but in my defence it was before we started drinking. But I do feel lousy and I should probably go to bed since it is 4am but I am not tired. I think I will just get my duvet and pillows and snuggle up on the sofa for a while before I confuse myself with more of the ED and lurve thoughts haha. Sorry for the uber confusing blog. M L xoXox

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