Thursday, 10 June 2010

I feel quite confused tbh

So it went well at the gym (of a sort) and pool. Jeez I forgot how bad the water is in the swimming pool on your hair. And lets not get started when you swallow it o.O It did go a bit tits up whilst doing the induction part though. I have a sort of trainer. He's just there and I did most of the hour and half with him. Aye I am aware that sounds wrong but I can't think of any other way to word it. David and Amy did it with a different guy. But anyway we was laughing around and talking like you would do (come on I'll be going daily. I have to speak to him at least once!) And D seemed to just... I don't know. Not like it? When we went out to get a drink, we didn't talk and Ashley said it wasn't right me acting like I was with another guy whilst dating D. Wtf right?? I can't talk to a guy because I am dating somebody? God I wanted to drown the bitch! Fortunately I went swimming alone because I swear it's wayy to easy to hold somebody under the water. I honestly can't say I want to stay in a relationship where I can't feel 100% comfortable. I mean don't get me wrong I love him and we are great friends but I think maybe we pushed it when we turned it into a relationship. I don't know. My friend said you always know whether something will last after 6 months. Well it's been 9 and if you had asked me 4 months ago whether this would last I would of said yes but now... especially after these past few weeks... I'm unsure. I can't say I would be devasted down in the dumps if we did break up. And even if I was I'd never tell anybody haha. Maybe we was just meant to be friends? But off guy topic and my love life lol =P I feel quite good. Apart from that incident I enjoyed myself today and am feel pretty darn good. It's a change right xD I had 440 + 138 calories soo... 578 calories. I don't know how many I burnt like but still it's alright. So I am off to chill out and relax and prepare for tomorrow morning at the gym and pool. Actually enjoy it so I'll keep it up. And thank god no boyfriend and asshole of his mate to piss me off. Gotta say they did motivate me to do longer on the bike and treadmill xD M L xoxox

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