Saturday, 5 June 2010


Don't it just annoying you when people pretend to be something they are not?? There is one girl on my Facebook (It will be the thing that sends me into a psych ward lol xD) who I will call KL cos I cba mentioning who she is is a supposed self harmer but now claiming to eat 58 calories a day but hasn't got an eating disorder. She doesn't because I know her. It's so strange that you would post your calorie content on Facebook. But then again she posts everytime she cuts. Reminds me of another person. I am sure they are the same one lol. I just would never post what I am eating on a social networking site. I have ED friends, family and regular friends on Facebook. I wouldn't put it on there. It's attention seeking but she is besties(...?) with D so what can I expect? I have quite a lot to do today. I am quite tired too. Ugh I hate food shopping when tired. I end up agreeing to buy whatever when I go with David or friends. That leads to eating more than I want. Not binging because that is more than 2000 calories to me. Then again last time I went shopping I came home with hair dye instead xD But I don't need hair dye this time because I finally dyed it. It's gone from bright red to chocolate brown with a tint of red in it =) It looks pretty awesome to tell you the truth! Needs cutting but I can hold of on that longer. I have done since before christmas lol. Trying to grow the thing out. It's about 4 or so centimetres under my collar bones now. Makes a change from about 2 above it lol. Why is it hairdressers always take too much off? I think kthey are trained to do so tbh. xD I should probably go and get ready. Not off to Tescos until about 5pm so hopefully I will be feeling more alive. That sleep I had yesterday I could of done with today. At least not many people are texting today. I hate it when a million people text me when I am super tired. Makes me a bit irritable lol. Anyway I need to get on with my day. M L xoxox

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