Friday, 18 June 2010

Football and gym... Oh and a few laughs too =D

So I woke up pretty late today. I think it had something to do with the fact I was on the phone chatting and texting until after 5am o.O So much for that early night hey? But I woke up at 9am. I stopped and looked at that and realised 9am isn't late to most people but to me anything after 7:30am is late. Anyway... Ugh I just read something that makes me want to put my head through the wall... Today. It's not been too bad. Was at the gym for 2 hours earlier. I don't think we would have stayed so long if we hadn't gotten into the footy match. America soo totally shoulda won 3-2. Crappy ref or what?? Sticking up for a country in which I am not from. Oh well come on England you lazy fat twats! Kick the ball into the goal. not too difficult right?? Anyhow Germany is going to win anyway!! But yeah I enjoyed the gym. Back again tomorrow after a early morning run. Not done that in quite a while. I think back before I broke my leg was the last time. So it about time I got off my arse and went. Ha draw! So much for our national sport!! Why is webs so retarded? Oh that reminds me of what we was talking about in the gym. I was just stepping in the treadmill (why do funny things happen on that thing?) and one of the guys in the guy came over to me and my friend (he works there too) and asked if we had breakfast. Not straight away but eventually. So we said yeah (great liar I am). He asked what. I thought wtf?? So I said a bacon sandwich. Doh! He said "thought you was a veggie?" That was creepy lol. I said "Ever heard of Quorn?" I saved my own bacon there lol. Still that was creepy what he remembered about me from my form thing last week o.O I don't even remember him. *Gasps* Maybe I have a stalker? Haha pmsl. Me and my friend kept on joking around anyway. I ended up calling him stupid. He called me 'challenged' sarcastic fuck. So I said "I know I am mentally challenged but you Sir, are a retard!" It was pretty funny. Me and him get on pretty well. But NOT dating like people seem to think. Meh! Would I? He wouldn't be a bad rebound guy would he now xD No I never admitted that and wouldn't do it. Narr. Sooo... what else? I'm too distracted by trying to figure out why PrettyThin doesn't work. Oh I have to apply for lots of jobs to avoid going back to college to do some useless crap. It's not guarenteed I don't have to go but I'm aiming not to. Stuff it. I hate people notciing and getting involved when I lose weight. Alex does it all the time. It's soo annoying because I know I am going to see him tomorrow and since I am not 145lbs anymore and under 126lbs I know the dopey, well he isn't but is, guy will noticed. Gym clothes =D They aren't exactly fitting anyway lol. I'm off for a shower anyway. And then bed. I need sleep and to see clean water haha. My hair still smells rank too. Blah. Not good. Plus need to weigh myself tomorrow. Would of been better if I had managed to find new scales but I guess dial ones will do. M L xoxox


  1. hey, i can't get into PT either...bit freaked out about it :(
    loving your blog by the way. xxx

  2. I know! Apparently down for 3.5 hours but back up now. Phew!
    Aw thanks =) xx