Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Monday/Tuesday or something along them lines

Damn it I missed Monday by 10 minutes = *shrugs shoulders* I started writing this absolutely hours ago. Around half 1 (yes am!) I got a call from a few friends of mine who are at college/uni and they are in London about to fly to a place in Europe. Anyway they asked me (and H separately) if we could give their house - it's shared - a quick clean because a new person is moving in tomorrow. Now in my opinion I would of thought that they would move in nearer to September when University starts again but w/e I guess. It took a lot of bribing but I or rather we agreed to on the basis they pay for a night out hehe! Sneaky. Oh my gosh though! Their place is like a bomb as hit it =O Now before we got there we stopped off at this off licence and H bough alcohol. I didn't understand personally because there house is full of it =P But I dealt. All I could think off was alcohol on top of everything I ate today. Jeez I'll talk about that later on but I am definitely starting a fast! It's a 30 minute walk from our area to my friends so we had a few laughs and acted like total idiots all the way there. I think it was probably the alcohol or maybe the rain - I LOVE the rain - but I was totally hyper. The way I acted tonight, this morning rather normally takes me forever to feel comfortable with a person to act. It was a blast getting there though :) Worth the no sleep tbh. I quite enjoy cleaning. Seriously I am a clean freak but when we got there I didn't want to (that night out is going to cost the twats!) It was like ugh! Students are such messy people. I don't care if they have been sitting their final exams. But the alcohol and Jeremy Kyle was making it a laugh. And no I am not a chav or whatever them people are that go on. Just makes me laugh that people would air their dirty laundry in public. You would be soo judged! It was and still is thundering and raining to a point. I love thunderstorms though. Such fun haha. And rain. Kissing in the rain is fun. Gosh I think I am feeling the alcohol xD I should probably go back to Monday o.O What did I do...? I ate. Wayy too much. Downside of going in and out all day with people. Didn't even do much at the gym. It was way too warm and there was kids. A ton of weedy evil little kids. One fell off the treadmill thinking he was cool trying to run so fast. I had to walk out cos I couldn't stop laughing haha. We spent a while after that just taking the mick out of people. Hey we was bored and they looked... funny! I'm still pretty bummed at eating so much. Alcohol on top of it wasn't the best idea but it's one day. A crappy one but I have probably had so much more fun today despite being forced in a way to eat it than I have when not eating anything. I still hate it though. It's the one part that sucks about EDNOS. It's soo... not picky that you do a quantity of all eating disorders. And when I said forced in a way I mean people bought me the food and it was basically have an alright time or sit in a place and argue. I don't have the energy to argue with anybody. At least not at this point. It has been like just over 2 weeks since me and David broke up. I think now it's starting to hit home more. I'll live though. We are friends. It's going to suck when he moves on though. But I'll deal with that when it comes to it. It'll be tough though I think. I totally keep having nightmares. Like seriously nearly every night. It's getting stupid. They aren't even scary it's just the situation and I wake up feeling Freddy Bloody Kruger is about to kill me! The heat is probably getting to me. Not even this heavy rain as cooled it down because I am straight dying right now. Like ugh! I hate being too hot. It's not even the kind where you are hot to touch just hot inside. It's like the flaming menopause at 17 xD Anyway I am going to stop writing now because I can't be bothered anymore plus I am so tired! M L xoXox

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