Saturday, 26 June 2010

Build a bridge and jump! (rant)

Seriously people? Don't make plans if you aren't going to stick to them. Especially when it involves me dropping all my plans to spend the day with you. Ugh! This is why I stick to a smaller amount of friends. People let you down. And when things don't go right it puts me in a foul mood. Probably explains the mood I am in atm. The one when every little thing is pissing me off. Like if my internet keeps going offline every 2 fucking minutes I am going to scream. Seriously I would get a better signal in the frigging train station. Or Starbucks. At least in Starbucks I'd have some caffiene to calm my nerves down!! David Cameron will start doing an okay job before my computer runs normal. Grr!! So after my 6am awake up (baring in mind I didn't get to sleep until because of the humid weather) and then a day waiting on people to find out they can't "do" today, I am quite tired and grouchy. It's not lack of food that makes me irritable, it's lack of sleep. Coffee helps a little bit though. I think I am going to spend the rest of the day wasting time on PrettyThin and feeling sorry for myself. Oh by Lord England had better win tomorrow afternoon. If not I will personally find a way to get to South Africa and kick their useless arses! Oh and I will shake Germanys hands just to be sarcastic. Uh-oh... I am bordering on the brink of boredom where the salt water flush looks interesting too try... I shall resist... Anyway moral of that is Don't ask me to do something when you are going to cancel. Waste my time and day. Meh! M L xoXox

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