Tuesday, 15 June 2010

At least I have consistency...

Ha I have just realised the one thing I am consistent in lately is being tired haha. Last night I said I was going to bed early and then didn't fall alseep until 4am. So I am consistent in at least one thing. Today has been a little... meh! Could of been better. Could of been worse. Either way I am guarenteed to go to sleep and wake up to it all again. Life hey? Not the easiest thing us humans get given ;) So yeah I think very soon I am going to get under my duvet and watch Two and A Half Men whilst going to sleep. This is really early for me. I am shocking myself lol. Then again if I am going to the gym twice tomorrow I am going to try and get 8 hours sleep. Plus I wanna get up early (ha! Gym is open at 7am and I'm off then =) to download more songs. seriously I haven't got enough. I want to fill this iPod up. It's basically as big as my iPhone. I think I have an addiction to Apple products o.O So yeah not very interesting is it? Then again i never put down everything that I did today. I'll do a big catch up tomorrow night whilst I am dying xD Things with David are pretty good. Friends are taking it the wrong way like. Yes perfect doesn't mean you should stay together. Oh and no I am not having an affair with this gym instructor now friend. Do I intend to? How can it be an affair when I am flying solo? Seriously some people make me laugh with the level of stupidity they have acquired over the years xD Things with the new friend above are going okay. Things with Caitlin... Calling David Cameron and getting an answer would be easier like!! And yeah. Things with people are complicated as usual. Update tomorrow anyway. Oh my god my neighbour is a spacker!! Seriously that laugh was demented/retarded/special. That's what you get for leaving your windows open. Then again you can hear her with them closed. M L xoxox

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