Friday, 21 May 2010

Zzzz yeah I want that

It's half past 1 in the morning and I guess I intend on trying to sleep soon. Oh gosh this Beyonce song is utter shite.
I don't see this going to plan because:
A) My stomach is doing somersaults!
B) I feel a bit sick.
C) I'm not tired
D) I am having a great convo with a work mate xD
E) I don't freaking know but I'll find something!
Ugh. I think half the people on PT must be psm'ing. Very bitchy and I went to an all girls school. Even that wasn't as bitchy lol. Oh and on the Kim Kardashian thing... she may have junk in the upper and lower trunk but if I ever date a woman it will be someone with her confidence and comfortable with herself as she comes across. Could I date a woman after being on PT with all the bitchiness?? God ask in a few months/years!!
Mucho Love

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