Saturday, 29 May 2010

Yes I live alone...

...But don't come knocking cos I won't freaking answer! I swear to the preacher, staying at my friends last night was a nightmare. Apart from the eating. At least I didn't go over 900. Still too much though but anyway. David didn't come though like I wanted because he was covering a shift at work. It's annoying when work springs that on you. It's like get the damn lazy twat to do their own shift. Anyway off topic. I didn't get to sleep until 8:30am even though Sophie* fell asleep half way through chucky. I spent most of the night talking to the guy she is supposed to be dating. Feel sorry for him if it continues because... well meh! So we fell asleep then in the living room because she prefered her bed. By God did she start arguing with her mum and dad about an hour or so ago. I mean after 2 hours sleep I coulda done with sleeping from morning til afternoon. They aren't half loud. Me and Owen ended up leaving whilst they were still having a slanging match. And that is how I ended up on Costa with a nice soy latte =) I am taking advantage of their free Wifi. Absolutely shattered though. Could do with going back to bed which is tempting for when I go back home. Not a good start really to a fast. It's bad enough that I barely sleep when fasting. Today might be an exception. I'd sleep the year away if I could. Another thing that is bugging me about things lately is people who seem to think they are psychologists and doctors. No you cannot diagnose yourself with BPD, BDD, Depression, Bipolar etc etc. These are things you need to be qualified to diagnose even if you think you have all the signs of something. Hell half the time people think they have the characteristics of the Plague! Doesn't mean they have it so until you get it confirmed by a doctor I ain't buying it. You don't need to look things up in a book. If it really is something you feel is serious, you'd go to a doctor no matter how much you dislike them. God why do I always sit near somebody stuffing their faces? Grr I wouldn't mind if you were doing it quitely but you sound like you are running the London Marathon at the same time slightly overweight, middle aged, not wrinkley (yet!) smartish dressed man wearing a tie I personally would burn than wear. That's something I like about Costa and Starbucks. No not the people. By gosh no. But when you are sat down at a laptop with a drink you notice a lot more than you would if you were eating or with friends. For example ~The woman in the corner is trying to chat up a decent looking guy in a suit. Might be a boss or someone high up in the office. Give up sweety. It'll only make things difficult when it turns sour. ~ The waitress is paying extra attention to two guys who keep staring over at my table *Do I have your shirt on bucko?* I'm assuming that she thinks that because they are in a suit they will leave a better tip? Or maybe find her attractive? She is pretty but not drop dead gorgeous. Ditch the full on make up and you are in with a shot =) ~ A guy opposite me sitting in front of the window nearly is almost stressing into his phone and bashing his laptop. By the jeans and shirt I would say he does something pretty decent for a living. But he needs to chill out a little bit. Unless it is something really important. ~ The guy sat about two chairs from me as the most amazing eyes I've seen in quite a while. He's sat there quitely with a soy latte (he was in front of me in the queue) typing whatever up on his laptop. I think it is safe to say that he isn't blogging like me. Despite the fact if you removed my baggy jeans and gave me black trousers I would look like I worked with him, I doubt he blogs. At least not in Costa. And definitely not about the people in it. See some of the things you pick up on are quite interesting and if the two buckos in suits don't looking at me, the freaking munters, I am going to pour my drink over them. It'd wake me up and make me laugh haha xD I've been sat here wayy too long. I just got a cup of coffee =) I need to wake up a bit. I must say my hair looks incredibley red today. Maybe it's because it is a crappy, cold day that it stands out. Either I like it =) This post is becoming very random. I'm going to check my emails... I wish this woman behind me would stop breathing so loud. Pretty irritable today but it is annoying. Enough so to make me want to leave. Okay that is it. I think I am going to wrap this up. I need to go shopping and I've finished yet another drink. I think it is a soy latte to go =) Plus it sort of looks at though it is going to pour it down and I aren't in the mood to get a shower ;) Ooh amazing eyes guy is packing up too. Anyway stop noticing things lol. M L xoxox

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