Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Yawning and waving the day away

Today is a rush rush day but I can't be bothered. It's generally the day to do the food shopping, pay bills, normally eat out (not this week) and the rest of it. It's like 1pm and I don't think I have ever not done anything before this time on a Wednesday. I could get used to it. No I couldn't.
Hair is not doing it's thing today. It's kind of just... there for the sake of it. Y'know like them people who are just roaming around the airport waiting to hop on a plane to somewhere warm? Lucky gits. Might have it down today. It'd make a change.
I swear this mirror in the living room makes me hair look like it needs washing. When I look in the abthroom and hallway one, even the bedroom one for that matter it looks perfectly fine. Gah! I have a lot of mirrors don't I? A little bit vain =)
It needs dying though. Not sure what colour yet because I was quite blonde, re-did it and it went mousey blonde/brown. Cause I wanted my natural colour back right? I want to go red or plum. Red is my reward when I get to 112 though. Maybe a plum/brown colour?
I'm not keen on going dark though because I am quite pale. Makes my face look slimmer though. Mmm... Guess I shall have to roam Boots for a colour lol. Haven't been plum or red in years though so I think it will be between them colours. Or brown with blonde highlights.
Well I better go and get ready. I need to set off at half past 1. Oh fast is going well too. Longest I can do it for is until Sunday I think. I donate blood on Wednesday so need to be a bit normal(?) for then.
Mucho Love

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