Saturday, 29 May 2010


That menu I just posted is freaking me out. I mean soup, salad, jacket potato, some carvery crap and then!!! a main meal. Jeez louise. I'll come back after a week or two fatter than an hippo! Urgh I soo don't want to go. It's so stupid to be panicing about something that is like 1 year away but by god I can't help it. It's strange but meh! I make myself laugh at some of the things that bother me. I'm stressing voer this holiday but not over going to Alton Towers. Then again I don't intend on going to Alton Towers. Especially not with the people that are going. I'd rather do something in Leeds and not outta town. Anyway a very random post tbh xD M L xoxox

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