Sunday, 30 May 2010


Whatever Davids mum was cooking around 12 smelt gorgeous. Man even if it did have meat in it smelt nice lol. Not that I am hungry. In fact he was the one insisting we leave before she served it up. Mainly because he wanted to get out of there to go out with his friends. I passed on that one. I do have to thank him though. He got me out of eating before I even had a chance to come up with an excuse apart from being vegetarian. So thank you D =D
Saying that I think I am too tired to do anything with friends today. I think I am going to stay at Joes tonight. I can't be bothered going home so why not? It's not like I have anything major planned for the rest of today. Only annoying thing is I have to wait until everybody has gone to bed to be able to work out. That is quite annoying tbh.
Halle Berry has some pretty sick moves in CatWoman. A bit over the top like but not a bad movie.
Gosh sundays are always boring. More so whent he weather is crap. I don't have anything major to blog about.

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