Tuesday, 18 May 2010


So like if anyone has my life from where everythign seemed simple and straight forward can they please return it to me? I'll even meet you at the train station to collect it.
I awoke to a text message, well actually a ton of them and missed calls because I somehow managed to turn off my phone whilst trying to sleep. I must be clever because it's an iPhone and not the easiest of phones to turn off without trying. But anyway all this message said was "I think you need to go and see a psychiatrist." What a thing to wake up to! I have no idea who sent it but it gave me a good laugh this morning haha. A psych. I mean come on give me a chance to try and dodge the doctors and crap first you doylem! I don't even know if it was meant for me. Could of been a wrong number but what a hell of a message to send to someone by mistake! Seriously.
On that cherry note I decided to get up. No point sleeping when you can't. That's the only crappy thing about fasting. It feeds the insomnia which is never a good thing but at least it gives me time to do things and be a super clean freak! 10 minutes later the divvi's that are still outside started playing with their tools. You know what they say about men and the bigger their tool...
Seriously though it is highly annoying. If the tv gets any louder Leeds city centre will be able to hear Pixie Lott it now is! What is with all these greenflies?? I like randomly looked out of the window and there is like a million of the creepy little twats!! Ugh they are disgusting.
I think my day is going to consist of cleaning, exercising and laying back. Still haven't sorted it out with David. Or my friend. I think it's the pride thing. No-one wants to say sorry but things don't work unless someone does and for once why should it be me? I guess I should go and get on with my day.
Mucho Love

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