Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Shoot me now before I pop!!

Man I know I am meant to be healthy and crap for tomorrow but Jesus Christ there is a limit on how much food one person should have to eat. I feel like I am 10lbs heavier =/ I just have a feeling that I have bummed the plateau out and gained. Yeah it's a change but not what I want for jeez sake. I can't be bothered with it. David is staying tonight so it's not like I can back out of eating more. It's like seriously not a great start to my week.
I'm liking this spending more time together though. It's mainly because we are both donating blood at 1pm. Oh the joy of been stabbed with a needle I can see down and have a pint or something of blood taken xD The fact that I doubt I will get any sleep will make it worse. You have to lay down so it would be a total disaster to not get any sleep. I'll fall asleep on the bed thing haha =D
I can''t even be bothered writing much because I have too much to do before David (I nearly called him Toby then!! :S) gets to mine after his shift and yeah. So maybe I'll update with some rubbish before i donate in the afternoon. Not looking forward to having to eat before and after but it has to be done I guess. It'll be worse being a bone marrow donor next January. David is already dragging me into blood platelets donation or something like that. Work encourages it too. Only thing you can bug out of the hospital for 2-4 hours like!
Well anyway... See's ya!
Muxho love

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