Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I is exhausted

Oh I think I am going to go to bed for a few hours. Knocking on you know, I need a nap every now and again bahaha. Didn't get anyway sleep last night and spent the whole night making videos with David (again I almost called him Toby!) I got my hair dye today. I decided to go straigh brunette instead of redoing the red until the week after next. No point wasting money. Hair looks neat red but I shall live. I think. If I go brown =) Not been brunette for a while so it'll be quite a change. Oh and I donated blood too. Iron levels were kinda low though but the blood sunk so I can donate blood. It means going back to the doctors to see if he can give me anything for it because I don't really get a lot of iron and calcium for that matter in my diet and need both. Already having tests to see why my bones break kind of easy but since my teeth are good but semi damaged from no calcium, it's probably a big calcium and other thing deficincy. I ate today too. I had half a bad of crisps before donating blood and a lucozade and then around 3pm me and David went food shopping (unsuccessfully like) and ended up going to a little cafe in Asda and had this meal thing. This kids meal anyway and this cakey thing afterwards. The meal itself was around 450 calories and the cake... well who bloody knows!! The weird style of this reflects my mood. Keeps changing every 5 minutes. Am tired and David is awake. Uh anyone would think I lived here. He's at work at 11pm anyway so I suspect he is going to go back to bed until just before 10 anyway. I think I shall do my hair when he sets off to work =) M L xoxox

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