Sunday, 16 May 2010

Not a bad day...

But not a regular one. I left David's quite early this morning so that I could meet my friend for a coffee at Costa and just chat. We ended up going to church... interesting =) Not done that in quite a while but it's a Sunday and she's quite religious *Christian* so I went with her. The church isn't too far from a Catholic one so after the Christian service she decided she was going to talk to this group *Yeah that's not my thing. Wrong religion too lol* so I decided quite out of the blue so go and sat in on the Catholic service. It actually wasn't that bad to be honest and the priest was really nice. By 11:45 I thought she had got lost because she was going to text me and tell me when she was ready and I was still sat on the bench things waiting so I checked out Facebook on my phone. Two things stood out at me. My ex from last Spring/Summer, Andy, had broken up with my best friend and my sort of ex boyfriend *Long complicated story trust me* was dating someone I've known for years. It kind of hit me that I felt... I'm not sure. I still don't. It's not jealousy, I'm sure of that. Which brings me back to church. It was not long after noon and... Numb. I think that's what I felt. For some strange reason a priest *Harry. He doesn't work there.* started talking to me. Not sure why *maybe I looked, lost, bored, tired, hungry! Actually no I don't think the last one counts.* though it wasn't a bad chat. I almost wanted to confess my entire sins out. It was really strange. I felt like a weight of a sort was lifted. My friend *well bloody done. It only took you what? 110 minutes?* finally text me telling me she was done talking to the... are they called Priests or Vicars? I'll go with Vicar. That's what Ashley is in Emmerdale... vicar and after 10-20 minutes she came and we left. She asked me to go back with her at half 5. I agreed too. She'll be doing her thing with whoever at whatever church and I am going to loiter the Catholic side of things haha. Me and religion? Not something you see everyday now is it? I feel a little bit eager to go though. Anyway of the religion side of things before I come across as a bible basher or something =D When I got back to Joe's house the first thing I got was "Have you eaten?" *A bible woulda come in handy then so I could throw it at them.* I just brushed it of with a mmm. Nobody noticies if I eat really when it's just Joe here. Seperate parts of the house and all. Plus I practically live in the dining room. Better TV and that lol and it's quite private. I think I am going to eat today and fast from tomorrow. It's pretty easy to get away with. Only problems are with friends but they are all back at college/university/work from tomorrow so it'll be fine. Anyway I think I am going to shut up. These posts must be getting longer by the day XD Will post an update on the entire priest/ex/friend/life/ed whatever situation later on tonight =) Mucho Love <3 xoxox

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