Saturday, 22 May 2010

Nice day I guess

First off this weather is friggin lush!! Could definitely get used to this =) Right then, I finally felt tired at 10am. No point in sleeping then since I was off out. I've spent most of the day with David and them lot. Food is flowing but I feel quite ill. I mean not the fake sort because of the ED, the genuine type. Alcohol is too. Bloody dying to drink but my normal drinking sessions are wayy... OTT It takes too much to get drunk. So when we are at home at a party I am similar to the guys. All the women leave before we do. Half Scottish and they love the drink. I am blaming it on that xD I think I will drink because it is the only calories I don't care about. Weird but I don't know how to explain it There isn't any diet coke though so I am sippig on regular cherry coke. Too many calories but I am going to hit the floor if I don't drink something. And it never makes me gain weight anyway. So it's all cool. We have to go up to Asda anyway for more alcohol. I'll get some WKD and stuff up there. Well actually Mark will but ya know? lol xD Not eaten yet so drinking on an empty stomach will hopefully help getting drunk easier. Then again I was on day 12 of a fast and had 2 crates of 12 WKD and 1 litre of vodka plus shots etc etc and was only a little tipsy. o.O ? I just can't get drunk when I want to but who knows? Maybe tonight I will. x.X Always end up discussing everything though when I get drunk. Not spill my sins but I just talk and talk. It's pretty funny actually. At least I am an happy drunk xD Mucho Love xoxox

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