Monday, 24 May 2010

New shoes!! (And a talk)

I was looking for a new background and all I found was this =/ Not too sure about it tbh. I'll keep looking though =) But anyway today I have spent out with D from like 8am til 9pm or something daft. We talked everything through (well most of it anyway) and I then realised... It doesn't have to be perfect! It's okay to forget things about each other and have to learn stuff all the time. And the IN love thing? All that matters is we love each other. It doesn't have to be a fairytale. It's not so much important to be IN love. We don't plan on getting married or having kids anytime soon so the main thing is to have FUN! After a while you forget you are a teenager with having jobs, studying, living alone etc. Yeah fine 17 and 19 but still kids really. We need to do more things that we enjoy rather than just doing the things we are used to. Lifee should be about pushing yourself so we are going to start doing more things together and finding the time instead of not having any or wasting it. But anyhoo away from the lovey, dovey, mushy stuff it's time to move onto things that aren't to do with my relationship troubles or lack thereof! More... real things ;) I ate more than I wanted today. Much more. I am hoping to break this plateau thing. Can't seem to shift the weight at all. So either it is a plateau or my scales are fucked. Probably are since they are in the bathroom and get wet with the walk in shower but who knows? I might buy a new pair at some point this week or next. Not sure yet. Grr I am pissed off with MSN signing in all the time. Jeez if I wanted to talk to the people on there I would! Annoying little side note =P My hair feels like crap. I want to redo the red again tomorrow. Not sure yet but think I will buy another dye and deep condition it afterwards. I want to get it cut on Wednesday (a dry cut that is) but it all depends on timing. I have to donate blood at 1pm and HAVE to eat before that accourding to the nurse so D is making sure of that. I don't want it wetting and washing when I get it cut because... well it's red hair dye! I want it to stay bright xD Only annoying thing about red hair is you have to redo it like every 3 weeks depending how much you wash it and use ghds etc. After I have done with my Red hair phase (never will like but I get sick of the same hair colour fast) I am going to go French Roast which is a deep brown. Looks yummy! =) Then again Espresso looks more yummy. Funny how I am describing hair dye as yummy like xD Then after that I might go Purple Power! I don't know about that one yet though. Need to find an hairstyle first. I want to keep the length but everytime I go I seem to get shorter and shorter. Not good. I'm resisting the urge to go and cook something to eat right now. It's funny how much of an appetite I have suddenly got. I mean earlier I still felt sick to the stomach and now I could ram raid the cupboards! Huh I don't even think I can. I've tried most things possible to stay away but I am craving a binge D= Horrible !! Erm what else... maybe writing will keep me busy... Oh I don't know! Oh I know this girl on snog, Marry, Avoid! I hate hate HATE! how she talks! I mean I went to a school where loads of them spoke like her. And the esate my school was in... yeah lets not talk about it. I hate how they try and talk like they are summat they are not. I think a lot were confused about ethnicity too. Half the black gals spoke like white gals and vice versa. The asian girls spoke like whichever depending on the day. It was soo grr!! Lol xD And I got new shoes earlier. I'm not keen on them though so going to swap them. Plus they are like a little bit too small lol. Bless D though lol. They looked great until I put them with my jeans. It was like... nah!! Haha. I'll swap 'em before giving blood =D Mucho Love xoxox

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