Friday, 21 May 2010

Loving the weather =D

The weather is gorgeous.
Makes fasting and restricting whilst working out a bit harder because of the light headedness but I don't care!
It's freaking warm.
Not an everyday thing here haha.
So I am feeling quite motivated today.
I am making a new running schedule.
Buying new running, gym and swimming gear in 2 weeks.
Getting a gym and swim membership in 3 weeks.
All in all I am quite motivated =)
Not been this motivated in a while but I like it.
More happy about finding a new job.
Losing weight.
Working out more.
Even thought about applying for jobs outside of Leeds.
Not too far like but not close.
Mmm not too keen now tbh.
What if I got lost in Wackyfield? (Wakefield)
And I wouldn't know my way around Sheffield if you paid me!
I'll stick to Leeds lol.
I know this place.
Anyway back to a normal style of blogging xD Today hasn't been bad but it hasn't been great. Got a bad craving for something but I am not sure what lol. I am sure I will find out soon. Grr I hate wanting something but not sure what. God Joe's munter of a neighbour has the largest mouth in the world!!
Mucho Love

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