Sunday, 16 May 2010

Life. It indeed is strange

I keep asking myself "Did I really just spend nearly 4 hours on a religion I'm not even sure about anymore?" I guess I did. I'm more so confused about this than I am most other things. It is a strange thing life. Don't think I will ever understand it. I in a sort confessed most things I do or have done but not directly. I sort of mentioned my ED too but from a total different aspect of it. *No I didn't lie to a priest. I bent the truth.* Made me kind of think about it differently. I mean I already think of it from mine, David's even the medical point of view. This was different. Meh. It's nothing to do with religion. *I'll keep telling myself that.* I'm just changing =) Always a good thing. When I was talking to Harry and the Christian dude vicar *He's not that keen on me I don't think. Probably because I am talking to a priest that doesn't work there plus isn't Christian (Harry) and because I have never really gone there regular. Last time I went I was 13 and I told him straightout that it wasn't my religion.* whilst waiting for Kaytie, I didn't feel I could lie. Maybe it's the fact it is a church *all be it a Christian one* and he appartently works for God. Hahahaha I'm sorry but I am laughing whilst writing this. I am a classic case of denial ain't I? Oh I give up with the Religion thing. I can't take it too serious right now. But on brighter news I didn;t spend all that time in the church. I got coffee and took a walk whilst talking to Harry =) Look a new friend. I am sure that was a Summer Goal of mine =P We live quite close too but maybe that has something to do with the fact I live practically over the road from a Catholic primary school and then across the main road to a church?
Oh and what is it with my exes breaking up this weekend?! Dan did too. Was suprised at that one because he started dating her whilst dating me and telling bs. But I try not to hold a grudge. Just realised my boyfriends seem to go off with my friends. Maybe that's the reason me and David stick mainly to work friends? Mmm... Anyway he broke up with Jay today because he lying and doing stuff he promised he wouldn't. *I don't want to know the ins and outs to be honest.* Then again what do you expect when you date a man who had a girlfriend when you started seeing him? Do feel sorry for her though because it seemed pretty genuine. A bit of a shocker really. Oh well they'll deal with it.
I think I am going to try and get an earlyish night tonight. Laptop off. TV... well that is staying on until I am sleepy and phone on silent. Dani barely spoke to me today. Mainly about hair. She wants a pink streak in the fringe *I've had pink streaks in my hair numberous times both on blonde, black and blonde hair.* She expects it not to fade especially when straightening and washing it everyday practically. You treat it the same as red hair. Everytime you wash it, it fades, That's why you redo it so often. *I am an hairdresser now.* I must come across as a right cow or something but I really aren't. It's just she's mainly the only person I know who will only ever complain about herself or somebody talking about her. Carley* I will call her, did that the other week but she admitted it. I think I still have the text message she sent to another friend I will call Emma*.
" Babe seriously Dani used to b lyk it wiv me txtin 24/7 saying she was my mate etc then she stopd. She txts me every so often wen she needs advice bt av movd on shes a user n as 4 the whole molly* friendship she will replace u with her and their friendship thing I fed up of seein her status its becoming weird and stalkerish. Dani needs to get a gripn look at what she as nt whats gone coz eventually pepl r guna get pisd off wiv her. N u are a great friend u don't need people lyk her it's the 1s who keep in touch that count she is using you sori if u think am been a bitch x x x x"
Now I've known and I speak to Carley* more than Dani and that isn't how she texts or anything. And I saw what she text so Dani just twists it around for attention I guess. Carley* is literate because I wouldn't reply if she wasn't haha. It makes you think how much you knwo a person and what else they are lying about you know? I'm not sur eon that anymore. I'll take it at face value.
This as become a mega long post again xD I should be a writer or something. I seem to be pretty good at it =D Right I am stopping now before it becomes a novel =P Plus I want to keep some rest before starting my fast tomorrow. Not sure how long I will fast though because I want to stay pretty level because I am donating blood in 10 days =) Might just do Monday til Friday or Monday til Monday then eat mainly fruit and veg plus soup.
Mucho Love

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