Thursday, 27 May 2010

It's been a wasted day...

I've basically done nothing. I stayed in bed until around 4:30pm. I just couldn't be bothered doing anything even if I wasn't sleeping. Okay sidenote: I just went to apply for a job and they want 2.5 healthcare assisants? o.O How the heck does that work?? I think like on the plus side I am staying at D's for a while so no pressure to eat because he is working weird times and has weird sleeping pattern so eating at the same time does come up much. Which I like. Nice to get away for a bit too. Even if it is to an house where the person is doing 12hr shifts and overtime lol. My head is banging still. I hate having headaches and feeling ill. Oh wait! I haven't really drank anything... Could answer it but who knows? All I know is I am not taking Paracetomal on an empty stomach. I'd rather have an headache than feel sick. So I haven't eaten today. It's god knows what time and I kind of want to fast but kind of don't until Monday. I want a clean slice of the month to start with. Plus I am recovering from having my blood stolen. I mean wow! I saw how much they took. Suprised I had any left! Hahaha =) Right I think I am going to go and do something creative with my time. Might make some more videos because I am cool like that =P M L xoxox

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