Monday, 31 May 2010

I live on no sleep

I think I actually spend more time trying to sleep than I actually do sleep. Madness!
Fast is going pretty well too. Apart from the fact that my friend was trying to shove a triple chocolate muffin thing from Starbucks down my neck whilst we got coffee. I subtly pointed out if I wanted to eat something that was going to make me ill for the rest of the day I'd do it when I had a crappy day planned ;)
Quite a lot happened today and I am not too sure I can remember it all. Either way I explain it I had some fun =) 1 sort of friend pissed me off. I mean I am over what she said but I'm not sure she is over my reply.
I saw a friend of mine in town and got takling with her. I ended up walking around for a bit with her and we had a laugh. We got to Topshop and I couldn't resist going in with her. (That store is my second home!) Whilst looking at these fantastic jeans *Damn I loved them. They look even better in a size 4* this girl we went to school with said "You two have got a bit of a tummy now" I nearly strangled her with the jeans lol. I must of given her this look and she then said "I don't mean it in a nasty way. You're still really pretty... blah blah blah!" I just said "If I want some to lick my arse I'll give you a call aye?"
It did make me laugh. Even more so when her wide load picked up a size 6 jeans. I ended up telling her "Sweety if I can't fit into a 6 by damn God you have no chance!!" Now I am not saying I am skinny. Way off of it. But if you saw her and me it's just... no chance she is a 6. I think I may of come across as a bitch but so did she. One bitch will always rival another =P
I got compliments for my hair today =) Always makes me happy lol. Most people like it red but a few love it blonde but like Alex (not the one I went running with) said it looks better brown. It makes my eyes stand out more apparently o.O Hey it was a compliment I think =D Still with brown and red hair I get to wear more make up without being over the top.
Sooo... what else? It's in my head... Somewhere! Mmm... Oh my god! I very rarely go on my Facebook anymore and Dani is trying to come across as bi. Or would that be gay if she never has had a boyfriend? o.O It's embarrassing to watch. And Kel needs a slap for egging it on (she's gay) How desperate for attention do you have to be to do *shudders* yeah that? Gosh that is why I hate Facebook. It's basically tartbook with some of the things people do on it.
I can't remember anything else. ONly thing I can think of is the red in my hair is fading fast
M L xoxox

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